Magicshine Front Light ALLTY 1000

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All in one design road bike light with independent DRL(Daytime Running Light) Allty 1000 is great for commuters as well as a helmet light in a MTB setup.

  • 25 lumen Daytime Running Light, an always-on built-in safety LED for day or night.
  • 1000 lumens max of verified output from 1x CREE XP-L V6 LED
  • 155m max beam distance, 6000CD beam intensity
  • 100 – 50 – 25% Flash and Strobe power modes
  • 1.8 hours runtime on full brightness mode
  • All in one integrated design, 132 g in weight
  • Durable aluminum alloy housing
  • Power button battery indicator
  • Garmin mount with silicone straps
  • Micro-USB rechargeable

Many countries are requiring all cars sold to have daytime running lights to increase visibility and reduce the likelihood of accidents. Considering more than 8 out of 10 cycling accidents happen during the day, more and more cyclists are looking for some kind of bike DRL light, or daytime visible bike light to enhance their presence on the road. A survey conducted in Denmark in 2004/05 with 3,845 cyclists and concluded that those cyclists with permanent running lights recorded a 19% lower incident rate than a control group not using lights.

Allty 1000’s separate daytime running light is akin to the ones found on automobiles. An independent LED with constant 25lm output of steady visibility for oncoming traffic during road commutes. The bike DRL light can run by itself for up to 28.5 hours on a single charge or with the more powerful main light on any mode, intended to increase cyclists’ road presence at a medium distance without causing discomfort or blindness to motorists. Should you need the boost to visibility the 0-1000 and 0-500 lumen regular and irregular flashes can always be turned on in addition to the DRL light. Note the bike DRL is turned on/off with the power switch, and can not be turned off independently.

Super high capacity 4000mAh 21700 Li-ion cell battery can run the brightest steady mode for 1.8 hours, and 12.5 hours under the lowest eco mode.  The daytime running light alone as previously mentioned lasts up to 28.5 hours on a full charge. The remaining power indicator is built under the power button. Green for 100% to 30%,  red for 30% to 10%, and flashing red for under 10%

Handlebar mount for Allty 1000 uses the Garmin style base mount and comes with 5 straps, compatible with 25.4 mm to up to 35mm bars as well as some Aero bars.  For easy GoPro mounting please purchase separately a garmin to go pro adapter.

Tech Specs

Box weight
10 oz
Max Power
CREE XP-L V6 LED, 21° spread
Beam spread
21 degrees
Operation temperature
-20 to 40 Celcius
Operating voltage
Power modes and runtime
DRL 25lm 28.5hrs
High 1000lm 1.8hrs
Med:450lm 4hrs
Eco: 250lm 12.5hrs
Flash1: 0 – 1000lm 3hrs
Flash2: 0 – 500lm 7.2hrs
3.6V 4000mAh non-replaceable
Charging power and time
5 hrs (5V/1A)
max 5W (5V/1A)
Waterproof rating
Net weight
132g ( 4.65oz)



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