Birzman Wedge Wedge II Tyre Lever Set (2 Pcs)

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A tire lever that combines tire removal and installation functions, particularly useful for tubeless tires. The hook grips and lifts the tire bead over the rim, allowing easier operation in tight spaces. The opening is adjustable to accommodate tires of different widths, for both Road and MTB tire.

The Wedge Wedge II tire lever is an extra long and extremely robust tire lever.

With a lever length of 20.5 cm and a plastic molded handle, it enables ergonomic work. The material made of glass fiber reinforced high polymer prevents damage to the rim and offers with the second end the possibility to move the rim tape into a desired position. A second, simple BIRZMAN tire lever is supplied so that assembly is easy.

Technical specifications:

Wedge Wedge II

  • Material: glass fiber reinforced high polymer
  • Lever length: 205 mm
  • Color: Black

Additional tire lever

  • Material: glass fiber reinforced high polymer
  • Lever length: 120mm
  • Color: Black

Sizing Information

  • Size-Std.
  • Country of Origin-Taiwan

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