Cycling Jersey - Podium-fit - Bharat

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Inspired by India's remarkable growth story, the 'Bharat' Podium Fit Jersey is designed to embody the spirit of champions. The pristine white fabric, adorned with the colors of the Indian flag on the zipper piping, is a celebration of our nation's triumphs.

Built for those who aim for the podium.

Aggressive and rigid construction. Bharat jersey has been built for the hard racer with functionality in mind. It's a Unisex fit.
Rigid back with firm pockets ensures a perfect ride for hard riders. With a more contoured cut, the front wraps around to the back to minimize seams. The back is made with a more rigid fabric and is designed to reduce the sag of the pockets when loaded. The shorter length of the jersey allows the lightweight zipper to stay as straight as possible when in the riding position. The sleeves are constructed to eliminate stitches in the underarms, reducing friction in that area.

Let your ride be a tribute to India's success.

Look at the videos below to understand the Podium Fit and Race fit differences

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