Elite Bottlecage Cannibal XC (Black ,Soft Touch)

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Cannibal XC

Elite’s R&D department developed the design of this highly resistant, solid and light - only 34 g bottle cage, which is one the teams' favorites on race day.

The side configuration of the Cannibal XC cage makes it easier to insert and extract the bottle from the front or the side, even during the most intense training or competition moments. It’s the ideal bottle cage for road bikes, MTBs and gravel bikes.

Practical side-entry configuration

Cannibal XC features a modern and innovative design, created to give you the easiest insertion and extraction of your bottle from the front or the side.

This cage's structure is designed to offer riders an innovative and ergonomic solution to water carrying – especially for cyclists who have smaller bike frames and modest bottle mounting areas, like when you add to your bike a bikepacking bag

The first that adapts to the bottle

The cage’s design features a front structure made to fully embrace the bottle and improve bottle retention even in challenging conditions, such as high-speed descents, rough terrains or off-road paths. 

The bottlecage’s front elastomer section self-adjusts to bottle diameter and makes it perfect for bottles of different sizes.

Cannibal XC is compatible with all frames and is particularly suited for bikes with sloping frames and smaller triangle geometry.

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