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Elite Fly Bottle - Arkea Samsic 2022 (550ml)

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Fly Teams is the lightest 550 and 750 ml sports bottle available worldwide, and the most used bottle by the most important WorldTour, Professional, Continental and Triahtlon racing teams in 2023.

Its record 51 grams-only weight (550ml) is achieved through its variable thickness. Thicker on the base and thinner on the central body, this doesn't just make it possible to use less plastic material, it also ensures a tight grip when cycling and an easy to squeeze ergonomic structure so liquid flow is abundant with the lightest pressure.

Used by the best WorldTour teams

The Fly Teams bottle range stemmed from the need to adapt the innovative, super-racing Fly series with our teams’ distinctive, premium cycling clothing, logos and overall design
It is no coincidence that the Elite Fly bottles are today the world’s most used racing bidons among Professional teams. 

Collaborating with the best champions worldwide gives us the magic opportunity to exchange views with the athletes and, by doing so, improve and achieve those rigorous top-level performance requirements every single time with our products.

Find out here the list of 2023 UCI WorldTour Teams racing with the lightweight Elite Fly Teams.

Extreme liquid flow delivery

We're proud to supply the world's most important Pro Teams with our technical water bottle.

Fly Teams ergonomic cap with wider push-pull nozzle and wider mouth ensures an extremely higher liquid flow compared to traditional racing bidons. The bottle's incredibly soft body contributes to the high-flow delivery. Just lightly squeeze the bottle to begin liquid flow.

This is a key factor in order to obtain simple and effective hydration during the ride.

Less material, more performance

The Elite Fly bottles stand out for their sporty design, accurately thought to meet key requirements in the cycling community – that is, trimming bike weight as much as possible, and get hydrated as quick as possible.

That’s why our R&D Team worked hard to achieve variable thicknesses in the bottle body making it thicker on the top and at the bottom and way softer and thinner around the middle so that you can squeeze it very easily.

These features make Fly Teams perfect for racing – in fact, the bottle ensures an exceptional grip while guaranteeing double water flow rate with minimum effort.

Variable thicknesses also contribute in helping us reduce the amount of plastic materials without affecting the product’s technical features. In fact, less material equals less weight, and Fly Teams bidons are indeed up to 30% lighter than any other water bottle available worldwide.

Innovative material

This bottle is manufactured using innovative odorless, soft and resistant plastic materials, which is the result of a 3-year study conducted with several Universities research centers.

Fly Teams is food-safe according to EC and FDA provisions, BPA-free, and 100% recyclable.


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