Juice Lubes Dirt Juice - Bio Degradable Bike Cleaner (1L)

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A powerful, kind-on-paint and fast-acting bike wash that’s tough enough for the worst of the winter.

Dirt Juice is a fast acting bike cleaner that’s brutal on mud but kind on paint. Dirt Juice grabs grime and gives it a right good duffing up, leaving it powerless to resist your bike washing. It works fast, it’s fully biodegradable and it’ll also do the job as a light degreaser to leave your bits shining.


  • Fast and effective bike cleaner.
  • Trigger spray for easy application.
  • Bottle can be refilled using Dirt Juice Super in diluted state.
  • Soft and gentle on paintwork.
  • Premium quality foaming agent.
  • Designed to soak and saturate soiled areas to help lift dirt away from the bike.
  • Formulated specifically to offer maximum wetting – will dwell for around 5 mins as foam.
  • Designed as a functional material rather than a superficial high foam product. Ultra-stable foaming properties for maximum effect.
  • Bike Cleaner will reduce the possibility of damage to paintwork by presenting the user with a dirt free, clear paint surface, ready for subsequent detailing if desired.
  • Suitable for use on painted surfaces, metal, plastic, carbon fibre, rubber, anodised surfaces and matt finishes.
  • Biodegradable liquid.
  • Coconut fragrance.
  • Suitable for use on the entire bike.
  • Light degreasing properties.
  • Disk and brake pad friendly formula.
  • Will not harm seals.


How To (Direction for Use)

Step 1

Point hose pipe at bike. Splash water generously and make sure to get all the muddy bits good and soggy.

Step 2

Lash Dirt Juice across your whip giving a few extra squirts to the really muddy bits. Loosen up the worst of goop with a brush and let it rest for two minutes for the Juice to work its magic.  Work a bit extra into your drivetrain to make use of DJ’s degreasing powers.

Step 3

Rinse with fresh water and work any muddy bits with a clean brush.  Use JL69 to send left-behind moisture packing and Frame Juice for a showroom shine.  Last but not least, Fork Juice your fork and oil your chain.


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