Restrap Tyre Boot Kit (Black)

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The Restrap Tyre Boot Kit is a cyclist’s must-have if it all goes wrong. The kit features 8 varied cuts of thin, durable and tear-resistant Hypalon, specifically designed for covering sidewall and tread tears on any tubed tyre. Think of it as tyre insurance.

A tube of glue is included to help mend the trickiest of rips or tears in your tyre’s surface. Supplied as a minimal pack-friendly design to fit in the smallest of spaces on your bike.


1) Locate the affected area on your tyre
2) Make sure the area where you wish to apply the patch is as clean as possible
3) Apply glue to the patch
4) Place patch over the affected area, ensuring full coverage
5) Insert tube and re-inflate tyre
6) Breathe a sigh of relief and continue on your journey*
*The Tyre Boot Kit is designed to save your bacon but it isn’t a permanent fix. A torn tyre should be replaced as soon as possible.

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