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SRAM Disc Brake Hydraulic Pro Bleeding Kit For Dot

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Rs. 7,990.00

Includes everything you need to bleed SRAM hydraulic brakes. Upgraded syringes and metal hose fittings


- 2 x SRAM syringe
- 2 x SRAM fittings
- 1 x SRAM bleeding edge tool for S4 (Guide Ultimate)
- 4 x SRAM hose nipples
- 4 x SRAM clamp rings
- 1 x SRAM T10/T25 tool
- 1 x crow's foot
- 1 x SRAM 120 ml brake fluid
- 1 x O-ring set
- incl. bleed blocks for all Guide, XX & X0 models

Part No: 00.5318.016.002

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