WTB Nano Comp Tyre (Wired) - 700x40c

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Nano is built for speed. The nearly uninterrupted centerline provides swift efficiency on hardpack terrain while staggered outer knobs allow you to stay on the gas while hammering up chunky climbs or hanging on through loose gravel corners. The high-volume 40mm casing smooths out jarring gravel while also reducing drag and rolling resistance. This makes for an all-out gravel destroyer that still appeases those clamoring for a truly big cyclocross tire. Everybody's irrefutable favorite.

Usage: Gravel • Cyclocross
Conditions: Hardpack • Dirt • Gravel


Minimal Rollling Resistance
You'll be surprised at how fast the Nano rolls for a tire with such tall knobs. The magic comes from the consistent spacing of knob groupings to allow the tread to glide across the surface of hardpack terrain.

Toothy Knobs
While the consistent knob spacing makes the Nano incredibly fast and efficient, the height of the knobs provide traction by digging while pedaling or braking on loose surfaces. This ensures the Nano is always fast but also confident when you need it to be.

Flying V Pattern
Inspired by birds that fly in a V formation to improve efficiency, all knobs on the Nano channel speed through a repeated V pattern to transfer every watt of your energy from one knob to the next with as little energy loss as possible.

Sizing Information

  • Size - 700x40c
  • Country of Origin - India

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