5 Cycling Accessories for Every Cyclist

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New to cycling? If you are still confused about what cycling accessories you need to buy, here’s what we recommend you take along for your next ride.

1. Lights

Cycling is best enjoyed if you start before the sun rises. You can beat the sun and escape the mad traffic. So, get lights - both front, and rear. You can choose between a rechargeable or a battery-operated one. Get a good one and explore those pretty places in town you always wanted to.

Bike Lights : https://unitedbycycling.com/collections/lights 

2. Water Bottles 

Hydration is really important in any workout, all the more for cycling. Two bottles are recommended but you can manage with one for short rides. The key point to remember is not to wait until you’re thirsty, but take a few sips in between your ride. Timed water breaks will help you go longer.  

Do not forget to get a bottle cage to hold your bottle. 

Cycling Bottles: https://unitedbycycling.com/collections/bottles

3. Helmet

Safety should always be a priority, and a helmet is a must. A good helmet will protect your head from injuries and it also makes you a responsible rider. 

Helmets: https://unitedbycycling.com/collections/helmet

4. Gloves

Gloves soak up that sweat, keeping your hands dry and allow you to maintain a safe grip on the handlebars at all time. A good glove will save you from minor injuries and when you fall, the first thing that hits the ground is your palms. Get a good one and it will also help you in keeping your palms from getting callus.

Gloves: https://unitedbycycling.com/collections/gloves

5. Cycle Pump

The last thing you need before going for a ride is a deflated tire. Get a pump that shows the air pressure and learn the PSI levels of your bike. Learn to differentiate between Schrader and Presta valves. 

With these, you are ready to hit the roads, explore those places you missed on a drive, stopover at a cafe for your favorite drink, take photos, and make new friends on the road!

Portable pump: https://unitedbycycling.com/collections/pumps 

Pedal on! 


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