Effetto Mariposa specializes in bicycle torque wrenches (Giustaforza family), accessories for tubeless (Caffélatex family, Tyreinvader) or tubular tyres (Carogna family), visco-elastic protective films (Shelter family) and… much more. Everything is designed and developed for cycling purpose.

Whether it's on tubeless or tubular tyres, on a road, gravel or off-road bicycle, we create meticulously tested products to increase performances and comfort during your rides. Bicycle-specific torque wrenches (Giustaforza), tyre sealants for tubeless conversion (Caffélatex, Végétalex), tubeless tapes or rim strips, tubeless valves, adhesive tape for tubulars (Carogna), frame protection tapes (Shelter)... and much more.

Buy Effetto Mariposa Accessories online from United By Cycling website. We ship across India.

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