CHAPTER2 is the story of a dream: crafting quality bikes, with next-level attention to detail produced in ultra-limited collections. CHAPTER2 is an exclusive brand with a boutique spirit, offering framesets to discerning individuals who believe the process of creating a personal statement is as important as building their dream bike.

All CHAPTER2 frames use a mixture of T700 and T800 grade carbon from Toray® and 3K directional reinforcement in all joint areas to ensure stiffness and provide performance. We only use the finest prepreg carbon available in the market, produced by Toray® of Japan, the leaders in composites for various industries from Sporting Goods to Aerospace, F1 and America’s Cup.

At the heart of CHAPTER2, we find the extraordinary and diverse nature of New Zealand sculpted in each frame design. This earth is inhabited by 1,000 years of Māori heritage known for its legendary warrior spirit which is our soul, our inspiration, our why. CHAPTER2 bikes have all been fully tested at Auckland University’s Wind Tunnel, the same facility where Emirates Team NZ (America’s Cup) does their testing.

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